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myEmulators Forum post


Link to Emulators reworked for “ESC” as the exit button.

Point : Go here to get reworked emulators with “ESC” as the exit key.

and this site has them as well


Profile Suggestion

Point : Use a profile system like GameEx


Mame Setup Suggestion

Point : Use all the Mame files to show the info for each game like MameUI32 and GameEx do.


Another Mame suggestion

Point : Use Mame files to get info and add video support


This link makes me think about what is happening to my settings and how to fix ePSX

Point : It appears that when you launch an emulator from inside myEmulators that the emulator sees it as being launched from a different point and thus it’s config files are out of whack.


Emulator review site and Project 64 config answer

Point : 2) uncheck “use quotes in ROM path”


2) You need to clear the rom directory path in the registry

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\N64 Emulation\Project64 Version 1.6]

“Rom Directory”=””


Mame Fix

Point: Use a batch file to launch Mame and maybe others so you can pass whatever you want to it. myEmulators now supports doing this.



~ by Tide on April 3, 2008.

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